These rules are for the wiki's sake and for everyone's safety. Please do not break these rules otherwise you will be forbidden from editing and/or commenting, and a possible Blocking.

Main Rules

These rules must be followed no matter what circumstances.

  • Do not create pages without permission from an admin, you will be blocked for this. If you want to create a page, you can ask FlareonIsAwesome13. You must state why you want to create that specific page.
  • Do not impersonate peoples names on this wiki. You will be permanently blocked for this.
  • "I did not read the rules" is not an excuse.
  • DO NOT ASK FlareonIsAwesome13 for Prodigy codes.
  • Do not say 'hi' or anything else on anybody's wall (especially an important one) to get a badge. You will be blocked for this.
  • Respect everyone.
  • Fix all typos you see.
  • Do not spam, vandalize, hack, or troll on the wiki, or any of the relating websites to this site.
    • Spamming is when you have to comment on something that's useless, repetitive, short, or has a simple opinion (not like an explanation. You would need to elongate your opinion on a comment for it to count!).
    • Vandalism is simply anything that is disrespectful.
    • Hacking is using code for an evil purpose.
    • Trolling, well you get the idea, but it is disrespect in any way towards anything existent online.
  • Add bias/opinion only on your User Profile, Discussions, Live Chat, Forums, and Message Walls.
  • Please do not curse in any way.
  • Do not give out personal information, this is dangerous.
  • Do not advertise Youtube channels or social media.
  • Do not create empty blog posts just to get a badge, you will be blocked for this. Also, do not create blogs that have a word or sentence, you could be blocked for that (e.g. I am happy, Prodigy is fun, I would never quit this wiki, why I like this wiki).


  • To start a new page/add images/add galleries/add videos, get total consent by a content moderator to add one. This involves showing your screenshot proof given to you by the maker of it (MUST BE A STAFF MEMBER). This also applies to your user profile (the pictures added in description only; your avatar will not be affected by this rule).
  • Edit only your own profile, unless you are a staff member.
  • Use "the wizard/player" pronouns to describe a player.
  • Have full "right judgement" when submitting your edit, as anything from there can be purged and punished.

Image Rules

  • As stated previously in many rules, before posting images, videos, or galleries/slides, you must have 'total permission' from a staff member only.
    • 'Total Permission' means when a staff members gives you proof, in a screenshot snippet, clearly stating that s/he/it gives your granted permission to do certain actions. Before doing those actions, the user receiving the proof must post somewhere related to the article(s) s/he/it's editing/uploading on.
    • On your user profile, you can only post pictures/images of stuff you made yourself. Sprites of Prodigy characters, art already posted by someone else and not giving you permission, etc. are all examples of art theft, even on your personal editing spot.
  • Do not post images or videos supporting a youtube channel.
  • Do not have images of porn, cursing, etc.

New User Rules + Suggestions

These rules should be followed by newer users. They no longer apply when the user has done all of these:

  • Reached 125 edits on their profile card, excluding their message, blog, contributions, and preferences section of their profile.
  • Been of at least 3 months on the site actively without leaving for 3+ days in a row.
  • Earned 500 badge points.

All these rules below should be followed, and this begins on their first steps in the wiki.

  1. Personalize. If your first wiki is here, make sure to get an avatar and edit your profile. Try to get social and start thinking about how you can provide for our wiki before you start so you have something organized to bring to our wiki. This can help you express yourself better and our wiki would be able to understand you more!
  2. READ ALL RULES! To be cautious, reading rules should be your first step before contributing.
  3. Responsibility and right judgement. Make sure to add images/media/pages only with staff permission and only edit pages with the right judgement to do so, meaning if it looks right on the wiki, so it. If not, it might not be the safest choice to put on the wiki. In better words, only put content on the wiki as though a stickler-to-the-rules-grandparent was watching you.
  4. Badges. These are the massive amounts of fun achievements that could be earned here. Try to do your best t honestly get them the proper way (not saying hi on a message or blog to get badges).
  5. Insights. Check the insights to see what you need to do, or go to the 'Get started" Center to see the community messages and other things needed to be done.

Wiki Staff Guidelines


  • Rollbacks have the ability to instantly undo edits.
  • When using this right, contact an administrator (unless you are one) if a big edit has been made.

Chat/Discussion Moderators

  • Chat and Discussion Moderators are able to delete comments and kick regular users from chat.
  • Do not delete comments just because they are contrary to your beliefs.
  • Unless they absolutely need to be deleted, do not delete them. More comments make the wiki seem friendly, and not like a deserted wasteland.


  • Sysops are Content Moderators, Administrators, and Bureaucrats.
  • When starting big projects, notify at least half of the staff.
    • If they do not approve, do not continue with it.
  • Do not change the theme without permission.


  • Bureaucrats are the highest rank on a wiki, excluding FANDOM Staff.
  • This applies to the bureaucrats, and these laws still are unable to change, even though their bureaucrat ancestors and predecessors have defied them.

Manual of Style

See Manual Of Style for details.

Commentary Rules

The commentary rules can be found here.


Thank you for reading this page. If you have any questions or comments on this page, contact a staff member of this wiki. If you comment here, you are unlikely to receive a reply for a long time.

Here is the talk page: Rules:Talk