This page is special, as only staff are allowed to edit. If you even attempt of editing this, you may face extreme punishment.

These rules are for the wiki's sake and for everyone's safety. Please do not break these rules otherwise you will be forbidden from editing and/or commenting, and a possible Blocking.

Main Rules

These rules must be followed no matter what circumstances.

  • "I did not read the rules" IS NOT AN EXCUSE.
  • Respect to everyone, and at equal level (unless they are banned, and those people deserve to have nothing to do, hear, see, or say on this place).
  • If you see a typo, please fix it.
  • Do not spam, vandalize, hack, or troll on the wiki, or any of the relating websites to this site. Spamming is when you have to comment on something that's useless, repetitive, short, or has a simple opinion (not like an explanation. You would need to elongate your opinion on a comment for it to count!). Vandalism is simply anything that is disrespectful. Hacking is using code for an evil purpose. Trolling, well you get the idea.
  • No bias or opinion, unless you are allowed to by a staff member.
  • Please do not curse or swear or anything, because that's rude and offensive. This is a child-friendly site.
  • Do not tell personal information.


Just because you have a right to edit doesn't mean you can say what ever you want! Editing is one of the most important needs of a wiki, so please make sure that edit you have done is right and only has concrete facts, no opinions. After you edit a page, please tell us what you did in the summary (people do not normally do this). Do not edit others' profiles or that will be unfair. The only profile you can edit is your own profile. We prefer the pronouns of a player as "the wizard", "the player", or "he/she/it", not just directly one gender.

  • To start a new page, get total consent by a content moderator to add one.
  • No opinions allowed anywhere on the site, unless it's the message wall, forums, or live chat.
  • Edit only your own profile, unless you are a high-ranking staff member (and has right judgement).
  • The only pronouns of the player of the game should be described as "the wizard" or "the player". "It", "He", and "She" are barred from use.
  • After editing a page, make sure you know what you are doing when hitting the confirming button! Any history of you doing anything wrong to a page will be shown to moderators, and they will come for you.
  • No adding galleries or images, or even articles/pages, without complete consent from a staff member. Even with this, take a snipping tool and snip out the written permission, and repost it to the staff member with the image (these images are allowed). Then and only then would you proceed to do what you are granted to.

Manual of Style

See Manual Of Style for details.

Commentary Rules

The commentary rules can be found here.

Thank you for reading this page. If you have any questions or comments on this page, contact a staff member of this wiki. DO NOT ADD COMMENTS BELOW UNLESS PERMITTED.