These rules are for the wiki's sake and for everyone's safety. Please do not break these rules otherwise you will be forbidden from editing and/or commenting, and a possible Blocking.


See the Commentary Rules for more info.


These rules are one of the rules that must be followed so other people won't feel hurt, or discouraged. This also includes how you edit the wiki. Which means:

  • No swearing/cursing, or being rude to other contributors and staff. This has happened many times, and WE STAFF ONLY will solve the problems.
  • Do not do spam or spam commentary, otherwise that will confuse others. They will be found and deleted by a Chat/Discussions Moderator, and it makes them get into a "housekeeping" frenzy.
  • DO NOT VANDALIZE ANYTHING! We had problems with this, a lot, in the past.
  • Do not tell personal info. That is officially one of the most dangerous things in the internet. This is a rule that should take place EVERYWHERE, ALL THE TIME.


Just because you have a right to edit doesn't mean you can say what ever you want! Editing is one of the most important needs of a wiki, so please make sure that edit you have done is right and only has concrete facts. After you edit a page, please tell us what you did in the summary (people do not normally do this). Do not edit others' profiles or that will be unfair. The only profile you can edit is your own profile. We prefer you to say "the Wizard" or "the player" over he/she/it/you.

Manual of Style

See Manual Of Style for details.

Types of Links

Purple links means it's a page that exists. (e.g. Pets) Red links means that page does not exist. ( e.g. Please do not edit this link. ). See this special page to add to the wiki's page population.

Adding to Gallery

You can go ahead and add to the gallery, but as long as it has to do with Prodigy Math Game. Otherwise, it shall be reported as a spam and deleted.

Main Rules

These rules must be followed no matter what circumstances.

  • Do not edit a page if it's uneccesary.
  • Be kind to each other.
  • Do something about a typo when you see one.
  • Don't spam.
  • Do not hack into others' profiles.
  • Do not put spams to anywhere on the wiki.
  • You may not add opinion pages such as saying "This pet is the best." or anything else like that.
  • No bias (continuing last rule).
Thank you for reading this page. If you have any questions or comments on this page, please comment below.

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