Sentinel is the earth version of Keeper and Nebulite. It learns Earth spells.


Sentinel resembles a gargoyle, with brown skin and lime green eyes. It has a pair of wings and horns.

In-Game Description

"People often mistake Sentinels for stone gargoyles, as they often sit motionless for days."


Scally → Fissural → Sentinel

It evolves from Fissural at level 30, and doesn't evolve into anything. It is the third and last evolution to Scally. Fissural evolves from Scally at level 15.

Weaknesses and Strengths

This pet is weak to: 

  • Fire element pets (never bring to Bonfire Spire)

This pet is strong to: 

  • Water element pets (bring to Shipwreck Shore for training)


Spell Level Unlocked
Mudball 1
Whirlwind 6
Leaf Wind 12
Absorb 23
Earthsprite 36
Blitz 55


There is no world named after Sentinel, but there might be one in a future update!


Sentinel - Leaf Wind

Sentinel uses Leaf Wind

Sentinel - Menu