Basic Information

Sentinel is a pet in Prodigy with the element of Earth. It cannot be found in the wild, and can only be obtained by evolving a Fissural into a Sentinel. Fissural is the evolution of Scally. It's Power ranks up to B, It's Life ranks up to A+, and it's Growth ranks up to C.

Sentinel - Stats

Sentinel's stats.


Sentinel was obviously designed to look like a Gargoyle (see the Sentinel's description). It's whole body is grey. It has horns pointing backwards from it's head. It's eyes glow bright green. It also has big, pointy ears on the very side of its head. When it attacks, it blows a big brown bubble.

Evolutionary Line

Sentinel is the final evolution in its evolution family, with two pre-evolutions ahead of it. The first stage is Scally, a pet presented at the beginning of the game in Firefly Forest. Scally evolves into Fissural at level 14. Fissural is the second stage. At level 30, Fissural then finally evolves into Sentinel, the final stage in this family.


Sentinel learns all Earth moves, and no other moves. It's attacks are Earth attacks, so they are powerful against Water, and weak against Fire.

Sentinel's Moves

  • Mudball
  • Whirlwind
  • Leaf Wind
  • Absorb
  • Earthsprite
  • Blitz
Sentinel - Leaf Wind

A Sentinel using the Earth move, Leaf Wind.


Sentinel - Description

People often mistake Sentinels for stone gargoyles, as they often sit motionless for days.

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