Shiverchill Mountains is located on the left side of the map, and looks like a giant blue mountain. The trainer in
Shiveer Mountains

Shiverchill Mountains

Shiverchill Mountains is Bok, and Shiverchill Mountains has a Merchant and also a Wandering Wares character. There is a secret room is Shiverchill Mountains which can be accessed by first going to the Furnace Room, and then to the railway track thing in between the two middle furnaces.

To complete this area you must defeat the Ice Worm twice and collect all four power crystals to light the furnaces. On your adventure, Bok will teach you new spells and give you new spells and items on your adventure. Also, you have to fight the Ice Worm at least once before you can light up all the furnaces.

Enemies you may find - Rascals, Ice Neeks, Cloakers, Shades, Arcticlaws, Squallys, Battarams, Dreamlets

Bosses - Ice Worm

Items - Mountaineer's Gear, Glacial Shoes, Hailstone, Frost Beard's Clasp, Ice Shard, Mjoln-Ice, Pickaxe, Climber's Toque, Winter Hat

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