Shiveer Mountains

Shiverchill Mountains

Shiverchill Mountains is located on the left side of the map, and looks like a giant blue mountain. The trainer in Shiverchill Mountains is Bok, and Shiverchill Mountains has a Merchant and a Toy Merchant. There is a secret room in Shiverchill Mountains which can be accessed by first going to the Furnace Room, and then to the railway track in between the two middle furnaces.

To complete this area you must defeat the Ice Wyrm twice and collect all four power crystals to light the furnaces. On your adventure, Bok will teach you new spells and give you new spells and items on your adventure. Also, you have to fight the Ice Worm at least once before you can light up all the furnaces.



The boss of this area is the Ice Wyrm. He is a worm made of ice who uses the Ice element. Unlike other bosses, you will encounter him multiple times within the game.



Ice Crystals are the exclusive currency of this area. They can be obtained in Frozen Somethings. The Ice Crystals can be given to the miner who tells you to find 25 for the first quest then find 50 for the second quest then 75 for the third. In a recent update, they added different coins for each elemental land, and the currency you now use with the Shiverchill Merchant is Shivers.


When entering Bok's Cave, you have three paths, down, right, or left. Down will bring you to Borderland, where a Cloaked Wizard may attack you. Right will bring you to the Furnace Room. There, power up the four furnaces using Power Crystals. Within the Furnace Room, there is a hidden room with a chest. The chest contains a tin can, tooth, large scale, white feather, and old sock. Going left from Bok's cave will bring you through various areas.

You go into the Treasure Room when on the left path. There's even more split paths...go to the Rail Ruins once you have lit the second furnace or the Mountain Pass. The Rail Ruins, brings you to the Mountain Valley, the Worm's Rest, the Frozen Pass (go left into The Chasm or right into the Royal Passage, splitting into either the Throne Room or the Shiverchill Gate). Going through the Mountain Pass will bring you through the Ruined Entrance, Ruined Passage, the Ruined Steps, and loops back to the Rail Ruins, oddly.

Spells you can learn