Basic Information

Singenewt is a pet in Prodigy with the element of Fire. It can be found and caught in Bonfire Spire in the wild. It's Power ranks up to B, it's Life ranks up to C, and it's Growth ranks up to B+.

Singenewt - Stats

Singenewt's stats.

Singenewt's stats become much stronger in his later evolutions.


At a glance, Singenewt seems like a giant salamander, sharing many of a salamander's traits. However, instead of needing water to live, it needs fire. Singenewt has dark red skin with a big red jewel on his forehead, and directly behind the jewel lays a huge flame protruding in a straight line along his back. Singenewt also has a row of gills on the side of its face. It's feet are webbed, and it is a quadrupedal creature. It has a white underbelly, but it is very hard to see and is rarely ever shown.

Evolutionary Line

You can also catch Burnewt in Bonfire Spire, which is Singenewt's pre-evolution. Burnewt evolves into Singenewt at level 20. Singenewt then later evolves into Infernewt at level 32. Infernewt will later go to evolve into Embershed at level 45, the final member of Singenewt's evolutionary line. If you ever get your Singenewt (or any member of the evolutionary line) to the level it is expected to evolve and it still does not evolve, it will evolve the very next time you level it up.


Singenewt learns all but one Fire move, and that one being Dragos. It will learn all of the moves listed below before you evolve it. It also learns Storm moves in its later evolutions. But Singenewt only learns Fire attacks, and Fire attacks are strong against Earth and Ice. However, it's Fire attacks are weak against Water.

Singenewt's Moves

Singenewt - Razorfire

A Singenewt using the Fire move, Razorfire.

  • Fireball
  • Embers
  • Charclone
  • Razorfire
  • Fire Rain
  • Dragos


Singenewt - Description

Over time, a Burnewt's body gets hotter and hotter, changing it into a Singenewt.

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