Skywatch is an zone where you can battle monsters that have the Storm element, with the bosses being Stormy Cloud, Rainy Cloud, Sandy Cloud, Icy Cloud, and Boss Cloud.


The guardian of Skywatch used to be Cumulo, but it is now Benni and his sister Broccolina.


These pets can be found here:

Pet Evolves To Evolves To Rarity
Hob Wick Nebulite Common
Cloud Nibbler Cloud Gobbler None Common
Snoots Highfawn Gloricious Common
Cloud Neek Cloud Caller Cloud Creator Common
Browl Acromi None Common
Nebluff None None Rare
Aracute Arachex None Common
Luminite Lumiot Luminex Common
Squawks Tribeak None Common
Cogmite Gearsite None Common
Bitbot Bashbot




  • It used to be Skywatch with Cumulo, but now it's Skywatch with Benni, and her sister Broccolina , who resembles a green plant or if you want, broccoli.
  • The hardest mission is defeating 4 boss clouds, Stormy Cloud, Rainy Cloud, Sandy Cloud, and Icy Cloud, and then the finale- almost harder than the Dark Tower, the 4 clouds get mad, wanting to take the weather to themselves, team together with the hardest boss of all: Boss Cloud, Stormy Cloud, Rainy Cloud, Dusty Cloud, and Icy Cloud, all at the same time, no healing.
  • There is a glitch when you have the scroll mission, you can only get one scroll but to get the rest, you have to go to the other 2 routes (The signs that show either be a "raining" sign or a "wind" sign) and once you go to the routes, there will be an arrow that shows a direction for the scrolls. All scroll locations are in the upper Bean-O-Vator area.
  • During the winterfest all areas are open so you can move on to Bonfire Spire without beating the boss of Skywatch. (if your stuck beating the boss this should help)

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