Skywatch is an area where you can battle monsters that usually have the Storm element.


On the map, Skywatch is located in the top-left corner. There is a beanstalk that leads up to a band of cloud, and houses are found on top of it. In Skywatch, the ground is made of cloud. In battle, you can see yourself in a room with clocks and gears in the background.

Screenshot (153)

Screenshot of updated appearance in Upper Bean-O-vator, Skywatch. By FourSevensRiolu, free to use (no permission needed.)

In-Game Description

Benni and Broccolina are in need of a wizard just like you! Learn storm spells and defeat a powerful boss!


The guardian of Skywatch used to be Cumulo, but it is now Benni and her sister Broccolina.


  • Stormy Storm
  • Rainy Storm
  • Sandy Storm
  • Icy Storm
  • Boss Storm

Obtainable Items

Here is an incomplete list of obtainable items in Skywatch, organized alphabetically:

Item Type of Item How to Obtain Cost Member-only
Cloud Sheep Pet Sky-High Values Merchant 1,100 Yes
Remote Ship Wand Sky-High Values Merchant 400 Yes
Sea Sword Cap Hat Battle Chest (random) N/A No
Skycap Hat Sky-High Values Merchant 200 Yes
Skywatch Gear Outfit Sky-High Values Merchant 250 Yes
Steam-Powered Robot Bird 9001 Pet Sky-High Values Merchant 1,100 Yes
Wing Guard Ushanka Hat Sky-High Values Merchant 310 No
Winged Helm Hat Completing a quest N/A No

Spells Found Here


These pets can be found here:

Pet 1st Evolution 2nd Evolution Life Power Growth
Hob Wick Nebulite C B A
Cloud Nibbler Cloud Gobbler None B B B
Snoots Highfawn Gloricious A B+ D
Cloud Neek Cloud Caller Cloud Creator B- B A
Browl Acromi None C C A
Nebluff None None C C A
Aracute Arachex None C- B B+
Luminite Lumiot Luminex C B A
Squawks Tribeak None B B A
Cogmite Gearsite None B B B
Bitbot Bashbot


C+ B A


  • It used to be Skywatch with Cumulo, but now it's Skywatch with Benni, and his sister Broccolina , who resembles a green plant or if you want, broccoli.
  • The hardest mission is defeating 4 boss clouds, Stormy Cloud, Rainy Cloud, Sandy Cloud, and Icy Cloud, and then the finale- almost harder than the Dark Tower, the 4 clouds get mad, wanting to take the weather to themselves, team together with the hardest boss of all: Boss Cloud, Stormy Cloud, Rainy Cloud, Dusty Cloud, and Icy Cloud, all at the same time, no healing.
  • There is a glitch when you have the scroll mission, you can only get one scroll but to get the rest, you have to go to the other 2 routes (The signs that show either be a "raining" sign or a "wind" sign) and once you go to the routes, there will be an arrow that shows a direction for the scrolls. All scroll locations are in the upper Bean-O-Vator area.


AG CloudyPass

Cloudy Pass

AG ScrewballShack

Screwball Shack (Outer)

AG ScrewballShackInner

Screwball Shack: Inner

AG SkyShower

Sky Shower

AG Lower Bean-o-vator

Lower Bean-O-vator

AG Upper Bean-O-vator

Upper Bean-O-vator

AG FactoryEntrance

Factory Entrance

AG BlastDoors

Blast Doors

AG Factory-MainHall

Factory: Main Hall

AG Factory-OldMan'sRoom

Factory: Old Man's Room

AG Gardener'sHut-Inner

Gardener's Hut: Inner

AG Garden'sHut-Exterior

Gardener's Hut: Exterior

AG TheWindTunnel

The Wind Tunnel

AG TheGreatGraters

The Great Graters

AG SkywatchOutskirts

Skywatch Outskirts

Breezy pass

Breezy Pass

AG EndChamber

End Chamber

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