Solarasis is the final form of the Soral (starter/partner pet) evolution family chain. Soral evolves into Solarix at level 15, and 15 more levels later at 30, Solarix evolves into Solarasis. Its element is Storm.

In-Game Description

"It's rare to find more than one Solarasis at a time, and so few people know the plural form of Solarasis. Solarases? Solarasises? It's a mystery."


A bright lemon colored bird, with extreme vibrant cyan tail tips, wing tips, and feather crest. Its lapis lazuli blue eyes and parrot-like coloring make it stand out against other Prodigy Pets.

Resembles a cockatiel - rainbow macaw crossbreed.

Evolution Chain

Soral at level 15 into Solarix, Solarix at level 30 into Solarasis.


Not found in wild. Soral must be chosen in the beginning of the game and leveled up to level 30.


  • Life: B+
  • Power: B
  • Growth: C


  • The actual proper plural of Solarasis is Solarasi, due to it being like "cactus into cacti".
  • It sadly cannot be found anywhere but when you take Soral from Noot and evolving. Therefore, nobody can own more than one Solarasis.

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