As of September 13, 2018, all previous spells are obsolete and new spells have taken their place. Most of the information on this page is outdated.

Spells are magic your wizard or pets uses to attack. Each element has six spells, excluding Epic Attacks. Below is an organized list of spells known to be used in-game. Currently, there are seven elements of spells.

New Spell Compilation

Name Element Strength (1-6, 6 being highest) Range (Main (1) or All Targets (3)) Wands + Relics That Provide Spell
Fireball Fire 1 1 Basic Fire Relic
Combustion Fire 2 1 Strong Fire Relic
Volcannon Fire 3 1 Powerful Fire Relic
Embers Fire 4 3 Burning Brand of Bonfire,

Casting Candle, Draconyx, Dragon Staff, Fiery Dragon Baton, Firebrand, Fox Squire Blade, Luma Sun Ray Rod, Magite Staff, Magmischief Fire Rod, Phoenix Talon, Smoky Spatula, Staff of Flames, Sunburst Wand, Veggie Wand

Charclone Fire 5 3 Dragon's Bane, Firewing, Flame Stick of Dragonfire, Perching Fire Dragon Lance, Pumpkin Wand, Sacred Flame, Spooky Candle
Wildfire Fire 6 3 None.
Icicle Shard Ice 1 1 Basic Ice Relic
Chill Out Ice 2 1 Strong Ice Relic
Snowling Ball Ice 3 1 Powerful Ice Relic
Winter's Breath Ice 4 3 Arctursus Power Rod,

Crystal Wand, Diamond Staff, Frost Blade, Frosted Spear, Hockey Stick, Ice Cream Stack, Ice Crystal Snow Board, Lunar Staff, Mithril Staff, Mjoln-Ice, Pickaxe, Snow Shovel, Winter Bell

Snowflake Strike Ice 5 3 Frozen Shard,


Spearicle Crush Ice 6 3 None.
Spark Sphere Storm 1 1 Basic Storm Relic
Shockwave Storm 2 1 Strong Storm Relic
Ion Cannon Storm 3 1 Powerful Storm Relic
Static Shock Storm 4 3 Academy Standard Wand, Angel Wing, Angelic Shard, Big Hex Conductor, Candy Corn Wand, Cheeple's Toy Wand, Dream, Eclipse Sky Scythe, Icarus Axe, Iron Staff, Ivory Star, Mechano Mace, Power Orb, Remote Ship, Swarm of Bees, The Master of Trials, Toy Parrot, Wand Of Dreams, Wrench
Storm's Coming Storm 5 3 Chrono Crusher, Wingblade
Unlimited Power Storm 6 3 None.
Water Burst Water 1 1 Basic Water Relic
Aqua Spear Water 2 1 Strong Water Relic
Torrent Water 3 1 Powerful Water Relic
Bubble Barrage Water 4 3 Blue Pearl, Caster Clam, Chill Char Gladius, Diveodile Sea Staff, Hurricane, Onyx Staff, Pyrium Staff, Spiral Shell Spellcaster, Tidal Sphere, Tidus Blade of Waves
Splash Down Water 5 3 Jellyfish Wand, Montoya's Blade, Titan Conqueror Power Katana, Turtle Topper
Downpourtal Water 6 3 None.
Fungi Fling Plant 1 1 Basic Plant Relic
Leaf Swarm Plant 2 1 Strong Plant Relic
Forest‘s Hurricane Plant 3 1 Powerful Plant Relic
Shrubbery Strike Plant 4 3 Beastmaster Fang, Birch Staff, Bunny Scout Spear, Butterfly Wand, Dragonwing, Earthquake, Florafox Wand, Granite Staff, Nature's Bloom, Training Staff, Twisted Staff, Vita, Vorpald Blade, Wanderer's Staff
Ka-Pow Cabbage Plant 5 3 Efflorescence, Fairy Sword
Overgrowth Plant 6 3 None.
Starbit Blast Astral 1 1 N/A
Star Cluster Astral N/A
Prism Blast Astral N/A
Light Wave Astral N/A
Falling Star Smash Astral 1 N/A
Super Nova Astral 3 N/A


In a recent inspect to the code of Prodigy, Shadow is now an element. Shadow is strong against all the elements (+40 damage) except Astral, which it is weak against (-30 damage). There are 2 current Official Shadow moves: Shadow Shock, Pippet's move (20 damage)* and Royal Roar, the Titan's move.


All six of the Astral spells can be learned by your wizard, but a few pets are able to learn three. It is basically the neutral move in the game. It has no weakness but it has a strength (+40) over Shadow. Pterrotell, Pterrocks, Terrosaur, Luma, and Eclipse can learn these moves. The Astral moveset are:

Old Spellpool

  • Level 1 Magi-shot (~40 damage)*
  • Level 5 Batter Up (~50 damage)
  • Level 12 Conjure (40-80 damage)
  • Level 22 Pummel (~70 damage)
  • Level 38 Powerbeam (~80 damage)
  • Level 52 Zero (~90 damage)
  • Zero is the final Astral move you can learn.

(Please Note that the amount of damage estimated is Rounded based on the fact if a wizard doesn't have any wand damage)


Fire is the main element of Bonfire Spire. It is strong against Ice and Plant (+40) elements, making it the strongest element besides Astral. However, it is weak to the weakest element, Water (-30). Their moveset(s) are:

Old Spellpool

  • Fireball (~40 damage)*
  • Embers (~50 damage)
  • Charclone (~60 damage)
  • Razorfire (~70 damage)
  • Fire Rain (~80 damage)
  • Dragos (~90 damage)


Ice is the main element of Shiverchill Mountains. It is strong against the Storm element (+40), but is weak against the Fire element (-30). Sadly, it has no starter pet. Their moveset(s) are:

Old Spellpool

  • Ice Cannon (~40 damage)*
  • Ice Prison (~50 damage)
  • Blizzard (~60 damage)
  • Glacial Shield
  • Snowman (~80 damage)
  • Ice To Meet You (~90 damage)


Water is the main element of Shipwreck Shore. It is strong against the Fire element (+40), but weak against the elements Plant and Storm (-30), making it the weakest element to exist. Their moveset(s) are:

Old Spellpool

  • Water Blast (~40 damage)*
  • Water Bomb (~50 damage)
  • Rainy Day (~60 damage)
  • Water Bubble (~70 damage)
  • Geyser (~80 damage)
  • Angel's Fountain (~90 damage)


Plant is the main element of Firefly Forest. It is strong against Water element (+40), but weak to Fire element (-30). Their moveset(s) are:

Old Spellpool

  • Mudball (~40 damage)*
  • Whirlwind (~50 damage)
  • Leaf Wind (~60 damage)
  • Absorb (~40 damage, ~20 healed)
  • Earthsprite (~80 damage)
  • Blitz (~90 damage)


Storm is the main element of Skywatch. It is strong against the Water element (+40) and weak to the Ice element (-30). Their moveset(s) are:

Old Spellpool

  • Cloudshot (~40 damage)*
  • Bolt (~50 damage)
  • Trinity (~60 damage)
  • Thunderdome (~70 damage)
  • Shocksphere (~80 damage)
  • Storm's Coming (~90 damage)
*Against Astral, no critical, no special wand.

Epic Spells

The epics each have their own element, and all of the original 5 have their own Epic spell.To get the Spell, you must buy the corresponding Toy for the Epic, Below is a list of the spells:

The dragons each have their own their own Epic spells. Below is a list:


Astral Element Spells

Earth Element Spells

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Epic Spells