There are many spells in prodigy math game... currently 41. Below is a list of spells, ordered from weakest to strongest:

Astral Spells

Magi Shot, Batter-Up!, Conjure, Pummel, Powerbeam, Zero.

Storm Spells

Cloudshot, Bolt, Trinity, Thunderdome, Shocksphere, Storm's Coming.

Ice Spells

Ice Cannon, Ice Prison, Blizzard, Glacial Shield, Snowman, Ice To Meet You.


Water Blast, Water Bomb, Rainy Day, Water Bubble, Geyser, Angel's Fountain.

Earth Spells

Mudball, Whirlwind, Leaf Wind, Absorb, Earthsprite, Blitz.

Fire Spells

Fireball, Embers, Charclone, Razorfire, Fire Rain, Dragos.

EPICS Powered Moves

Storm's Wrath, Frigid Blast, Tidal Twister, Forest's Fury, Hot Snow.

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