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Spells are magic your wizard or pets uses to attack. Each element has six spells, excluding Epic moves. Below is an organized list of spells known to be used.

All Elements

The group of elements that use known spells.


Shadow Shock is Pippet's move, while Ink Blot is Old One's move.


Your Wizard's Element. It has no Weakness but it has a strength over shadow, so it's basically a neutral element. Strangely, Pterrotell and Pterrocks can learn these moves. The Astral moveset(s) are:


Fire is the main element of Bonfire Spire. It is strong against Ice and Earth elements, making it one of the strongest elements. It is weak to the weakest element, though...Water. Their moveset(s) are:


Ice is the main element of Shiverchill Mountains. It is strong against Storm element, so it acts as a normal element (1 strength, 1 weakness). Sadly, it has no starter pet. Their moveset(s) are:


Water is the main element of Shipwreck Shore. It is strong against fire element, but very weak against both earth and storm, making it the weakest element to exist. Their moveset(s) are:


Earth is the main element of Firefly Forest. It is strong against Water element, but weak to Fire element. Their moveset(s) are:


Storm is the main element of Skywatch. It is strong against the Water element and weak to the Ice element. Their moveset(s) are:

EPICS Spells

The epics each have their own element, and each of the original 5 have their own EPICS Supermove. Below is a list:


Screenshot (161)

Using Zero

Screenshot (166)

Using Absorb

Screenshot (165)

Using Magi-Shot

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