The Lost Island is a new Zone found in a recent update where you must complete daily quests for a character named Swoopy and his tribe of Floatlings. They need to rebuild their village after the Puppet Master's goons destroyed Central Village and the surrounding houses. Each day, you must come here to defeat 6 of any island monster (that Swoopy asked you to defeat) to earn 2 wood from each. Once you collect 12 wood, come back to Swoopy, and he will ask again for the same amount of wood the next day. The wood may be considered currency later on, but so far has no value.


  • Each day you must collect 12 wood for Swoopy.
  • None of the Prodigy Pets here are catchable.
  • Swoopy says you must collect as much wood as you can each day.
  • Later on, when Prodigy has finished the update, there will be a gem here that you need to get (maybe, if not then the Academy is open for everyone). That will be the sixth gem and possibly the astral gem.


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