Tidus is an Epic with the Water element. It learns Water spells.


Tidus resembles a shark with a human-like posture and limbs with mini dragon-like wings..

In-Game Description

"Deep in the sea, Tidus can flap his powerful wings to create massive waves. Sometimes he rides them to shore, but only if no one is looking."


It doesn't evolve from or into anything.

Weaknesses and Strengths

This pet is weak to:

  • Earth element pets (never bring to Firefly Forest)
  • Storm element pets (never bring to Skywatch)

This pet is strong to:

  • Fire element pets (bring to Bonfire Spire for training)


Spell Level Unlocked
Water Blast 1
Water Bomb 5
Rainy Day 10
Water Bubble 19
Geyser 31
Angel's Fountain 48


There is currently no world named after Tidus, but there might be in a future update!


  • Tidus is male.
  • It was released in mid-November along with Chill & Char.