Titan (Barrier Forme)

The original is a water-variant Titan.

Titan is a boss that was created by the Puppet Master and is capable of using a special move called Royal Roar. If you defeat the titan barrier, you will gain 1 titan shard. However, if you used the membership catapult, you will get 2 titan shards instead.


Titan is a special boss looking to be a lion-like beast. It's body is mostly levitating sand, with a billowing cape of water and a mane of coral and water. Its claws are made of Titan Shards and its eyes and mouth open occasionally to show an evil purple aura radiating from within. The Firefly Forest Titan is exactly the same but with a soil-colored body and a mane of green and purple leaves with horns made out of tree branches.

Titan Elements

The titan is meant to go through all 5 elements (and possibly astral and shadow), but the titan was introduced in it's water form but is most commonly found in it's nature form.

During Battle

Titan has a protective barrier around him, making it so that everybody in Prodigy has to destroy the barrier before the actual Titan can be damaged. In a battle, the Titan Barrier is the same level as you and has health to according that. Once the Titan is defeated, the real battle begins, as the Titan's health will slowly go down.

Titan Shards

Titan Shard

A Titan shard

Titan Shards are the currency you earn after defeating the Titan once. They can be exchanged with Harvey for prizes. After obtaining a certain amount of Titan Shards, they may apply for checkpoint bonuses.

In-Game Description

"Shards broken off a Titan created by the Order of Influence. Can be given to a Floatling to have its Shadow magic removed from it, in exchange for rare items."


Royal Roar is a shadow-element spell exclusive to the Titan bosses. Its appearance is similar to a purple version of zero and is super-effective against all elements except Astral, which the entity itself is weak to. Titan will only use this spell if the element of your pet is powerful against it.

Water Bubble one of its weakest water-element spells in its Water Variant.

Angel's Fountain is the most powerful Water element spell, in which it only possesses during its Water-element forme. When used, an opponent is sucked into a whirlpool and then violently shot out.

Geyser is the fifth-weakest Water spell, in which is only possessed by a Water-variant Titan. When used, a Geyser goes towards your opponent to reduce health.


The function inside the Titan's code that is called once it is dead is:

 TitanDeadKick: function () {
 var e = "The Titan has been defeated, for now!
 \nThe Puppet Master is hard at work, summoning it back once again. 
 Keep an eye on the island map for signs of the Titan's return...";, this.TitanDeadTeleport.bind(this), null, "Titan Defeated!")

For the Titan's HP:

 getTitanHP: function () {
 return Prodigy.Creature.getHeartsFromCurve("A", 1, Math.max(50,
Math.min(100, + 1)))


  • In battle, if Titan Barrier is defeated, "Titan Hit!" will be displayed instead of the normal "You Won" banner.
  • If all of Titan's hearts are gone for one battle, the last spell cast will display 9999 damage to the foe, in this case, Titan. This is unique as it may possibly be used as a damage multiplier, making Titan more easily weakened.
  • The titan barrier's health and your wizard's health is the same
  • In a generally recent update, Prodigy Developers added the catapult for members only, allowing members to earn double the titan shards (2 per battle). It is currently unknown whether the catapult actually does more damage to the titan or it just gives players more titan shards.
  • Titan appears as a mythological construct called a Constructed Manticore, a beast from Eurasian myth created in the likeness of a manticore but made by magic instead of being summoned or born. Manticores have the body base of a gargantuan lion, bat wings, a scorpion-stinger tail, a quilled/feathered/furry mane, etc. Titan shows all traits except for wings.
  • The Titan can only be found as of now in Firefly Forest and Shipwreck Shore
  • For some reason, the water titan seems to rise higher than the forest titan, but the forest titan seems to be larger than the water titan (not just in images)