Titan (Barrier Forme)

A picture of the Titan

The Titan is the latest update to Prodigy and work similarly to raids. Dozens of wizards destroy the barrier of the Titan and collect Titan shards and beat the Titan. Currently there is one known Titan, which is a water type, but knows shadow type moves. A new move has been revealed - Royal Roar, which is part of the all new shadow type, similar to Pippet's shadow shock. It looks like a purple version of zero, and like shadow types, is super effective against all elements except Astral, which it is weak to. There is a new currency in the game called Titan Shards, which are used to buy new items and outfits. You can get those items by talking to Harvey What seems to be a new type of creature has appeared in Shipwreck Shore. It is fought in a different way. Everyone across servers slowly work together to decrease its health. The Titans have a very high health, due to the fact many people have attack it for hours, but nothing has happened. A common theory that is supported a lot is that the health is hidden to draw suspense, and will only show when defeated, like the bosses. Thsi theory is supported as the Titan has rose again and his hearts are already at 1/2 percent when he has just risen. On the map, there is an icon to show that the Titan is at Shipwreck Shore. When first seen, the Puppet Master will summon the Titan, and will tell you the Titans are trying to stop prodigies. Once defeated, you will get a Titan shard. The Titan Shards act as a currency, and can be used to buy Titan-like weapons and armor. The merchant for Titan Shards, Harvey, states that the more Titan Shards you have, the more you will get in battle. Every user has received mail when the water element Titan was released. In the mail you receive, it states that once it is fully defeated, everyone who participated in the Titan event will get a great reward.
Titan Shard

A Titan shard

The function inside the Titan's code that is called once it is dead is;
 TitanDeadKick: function () {
 var e = "The Titan has been defeated, for now!
 \nThe Puppet Master is hard at work, summoning it back once again. 
 Keep an eye on the island map for signs of the Titan's return...";, this.TitanDeadTeleport.bind(this), null, "Titan Defeated!")

For the Titan's HP;

 getTitanHP: function () {
 return Prodigy.Creature.getHeartsFromCurve("A", 1, Math.max(50,
Math.min(100, + 1)))

This new water type Titan was defeated for the first time in the January of 2018. He has risen again as of January 31st, 2018. </p>