The Current Design

The Toy Merchant, formerly known as Wandering Wares, is a shop found in all areas. He is looking for old copper coins, known as relic coins, found occasionally in battles. He sells wands and hats representing the Epics.


Note: The elemental epic's helmets and wands cost 13 relic coins each, while the dragon's items cost 20.
Macha and Coco2

The Old Design (Macha and Coco)

Arctursus Hood

Arctursus Power Rod

Big Hex Helmet

Big Hex Conductor

Chill Char Helmet

Chill Char Gladius

Diveodile Toque

Diveodile Sea Staff

Eclipse Helmet

Eclipse Sky Scythe

Florafox Bonnet

Florafox Wand

Luma Helmet

Luma Sun Ray Rod

Magmischief Helm

Magmischief Fire Rod

Tidus Armor Cap

Tidus Blade of Waves