The boots are noted to be quite small. They are purple, with some green highlights. There is also a pointy spike at the end of each shoe.

In-Game Description

"Worn by a former master of trials, whose feet seemed to be quite small. They're a little snug."

Perfect Pairing


  • They were given to the first 1000 people to play Prodigy.
  • They can be won as a prize on the Twilight Wheel, but very rarely.
  • It is the only item given to the first 1000 not 100 people to play.
  • They can be gotten from battle chests, but extremely rare, usually in The Lost Island.
  • They are currently the strongest boots in the game.
  • They can only be worn by people who are Members.
  • They are the only trialmaster items that have an original texture, possibly because they are not visible on your wizard.