Tyscout is the evolved form of Tinyger. It learns Fire and Water spells.


Tyscout resembles a tiger wearing jeans. It holds what appears to be a goldfish in a fully enclosed glass globe. Around the head is an emerald beaded headband.

In-Game Description

"Tyscouts are Tinygers that have learned to live and work with humans, and have even been seen taking jobs."


Tinyger evolves to Tyscout evolves from Tinyger at level 20 and doesn't evolve to anything else.

Weaknesses and Strengths

This pet is weak against:

This pet is strong against:


Spell Level Unlocked
Fireball 1
Water Blast 5
Charclone 10
Rainy Day 19
Fire Rain 31
Geyser 48


There is currently no world named after Tyscout, but there might be in a future update!