• FourSevensRiolu

    Dear Readers,

    I feel like this Wiki is falling apart...the rest of the staff aren't visiting often. I'm starting to worry that this Fandom is redding itself of everything. Since the staff are all away, and I have no rights but a Discussions and Chat Mod, we have NO hope. Anyways, here are some things that we can work on:

    • relevant Blog Posts
    • The HELP list (article stubs, candidates 4 deletion, etc.)
    • bringing more editors in (grab all your fellow prodigy members that want to be a Wiki Member)

    Those are just some of the few things we can do, but we can't really revive this Wiki all thet much without the staff. Let's bring them back!

    Your Mod,


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  • FourSevensRiolu

    Anyone have a fanmade character (player or pet) you've created on your own? Send your OC's in on the comments!

    A lonely player that was banished to The Lost Island by the Puppet Master. He now has friends with Mysti the Mystyykorn, Swoopy, and Spora the human Saplette. He collects wood daily for the islanders + Swoopy.

    An Ivory Mystyykorn (the rare evolution of an Ivory Mystyyk) that has healing powers and can talk. It was Steve Earthislander's first friend.

    A strange crossbreed of human Saplette, that's a native to The Lost Island. She plans on being the Vinequeen one day.

    A tinier and weaker Big Hex. It serves in groups to help revive Big Hex.

    A Storm element pet that looks like a human but with feathery eagle features. Sidekick of Big Hex.


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  • FourSevensRiolu

    I have a couple questions about categories that I really want to ask! If anyone knows the answer to the questions, please post a comment! I might even have to ask the...HELP DESK OF UNANSWERING!

    • Can you delete a Category from an article? I've been wanting to ask because I'm finished editing some Article Stubs, yet I cannot delete that from the article!
    • Can you create your own Categories? I mean, I've tried, yet found nothing that could do it. I figured only Content Mods and Admins could.
    • I know this isn't really about Categories, but can only Content Mods and Admins delete articles/pages?

    Anyway, if you commented, thanks for the help!


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  • FourSevensRiolu

    I came up with a great Template for Pets that MUUUST be tried! I bring this topic up because I notice there are many pets articles on the Article Stubs List (found in the Article Stubs page). Even though I don't know what a wiki template is, I have a "template", or a way I think each Pets article should look (it will, trust in me, be packed full of info that a reader would need). Below, here's how I think a Pets article should look:

    • Add an infobox first.
      • A name at the top
        • (species name)
      • A picture of the pet just below
      • Caption
      • Its element (as a link)
      • Location(s) Found
      • Obtainment Method
      • Evolution(s)
      • Stats
        • Life
        • Power
        • Growth
    • Heading labeled as "In-Game Description"
      • (the quote from Bestiary Book)
    • Heading labeled as "Appearance"
      • Write down what it looks most lik…
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  • FourSevensRiolu

    I just started a Heading for equipment items, called "Perfect Pairing" (as you can see in one of my edits of Durofibre Hat). I feel it is a good idea for clothing equipment collectors of Prodigy because it can tell you what other equipment is on the same "fashion line" as the one you wikied (i.e., Frostbeard's Clasp is paried with Featherwing Helmet).

    Therefore, anyone wishing to add a "Perfect Pairing" Heading to any equipment page can, but they must be paired with:

    • Wand 
    • Staff
    • Boots
    • Outfit
    • Hat

    Anyway, feel free! It will help our wiki grow. Thank you, and pls comment!

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