Hello! I'm FourSevensRiolu (aka E. Strongrunner, yet my third persona, which is shorter, is Northwind). I'm new here, yet I've got the hang of these many wikis! I just want you to know that'll be starting to synergize with others to delete the many phony, or fake facts on wikis. If you would want to join me, please take the time to help the fandom wikis and delete nasty opinions on page comments (please save those for blogs), replace fake facts with up-to-date ones, and edit as much as you can!

   And just so you know, I'm not a high-level wiki editor, and I'm not a helper of the "wiki police". I'm just here to give my facts and opinions on certain wikis, and I hope to help wikis give relevant facts for their pages. I hope you readers will join me in the act of what I call "reform and rewriting"!