Anyone have a fanmade character (player or pet) you've created on your own? Send your OC's in on the comments!


Steve Earthislander 

A lonely player that was banished to The Lost Island by the Puppet Master. He now has friends with Mysti the Mystyykorn, Swoopy, and Spora the human Saplette. He collects wood daily for the islanders + Swoopy.


An Ivory Mystyykorn (the rare evolution of an Ivory Mystyyk) that has healing powers and can talk. It was Steve Earthislander's first friend.


A strange crossbreed of human Saplette, that's a native to The Lost Island. She plans on being the Vinequeen one day.

Lost Boy

An OC by another person. He is trapped in the Dark Tower with Mira and the Puppet Master forever...until his sister, the Prodigy, is brave enough to defeat the enemies and save him.

Lost Girl

An OC by another person. She gathers her friends and works together to save her older brother from the cold and bony custody of the Puppet Master.

Fake Epics

Small Hex

A tinier and weaker Big Hex. It serves in groups to help revive Big Hex from the Thunderstone.


Storm element pet that looks like a human but with feathery eagle features. Sidekick of Big Hex.

Fake Pets


Evolution of a Mystyyk at level 18. Has wings, bigger hooves, and a wilder mane and tail.

Ivory Mystyyk

An Ivory version of a Mystyyk. Platinum fur and cyan blue details.

Ivory Mystyykorn

Evolution of Ivory Mystyyk at level 18. Has Platinum wings and fur, with cyan blue mane, tail, hooves, and eyes.


Evolution of Smoldash. A larger, hotter, pheonixier winged beast with armor.


From another person. It reminds us of a Pokemon called Alolan Sandslash (this link is from Bulbapedia).

Fake Attacks

Wizard's Fury

A level 76 Astral move that makes debris gravitate towards your opponent. While doing so, you levitate, and your eyes glow white...your pupils disappear for the rest of the that a bug? I dunno...

Skycracking Fissure

Eaglefree's EPICS supermove. Storm-Type, and doesn't do weakness. It does 300 damage, heals your team completely (no need for bringing apples or salad on deep treks), and can only be used once per battle. It also instantly captures your opponent...making it yours.

Technician's Barrage

Small Hex's EPICS supermove. Mech-Type, does no damage on Mech, Astral, Storm, or Ice element. In battles against Pets that can be affected, it deals 100 damage per Small Hex you have ever (either in your Party of Boxes, doesn't include released Small Hexes), and revive Big Hex completely from fainting if in your Party. Only usable once per battle...and only works with your wizard or a Small Hex active.

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