Scorpion the Savage SandWing

aka Aqua

  • I live in a realm where i fight my sempai's other fangirls and usually win every battle
  • I was born on July 14
  • My occupation is obsessing over sempai
  • I am staring at pictures of sempai of google images
  • Scorpion the Savage SandWing

    Hey guys! This is so you can Apply for the the Staff Rights as a Content Moderator.

    • Please fill this out in the comments! All you have to do is copy&paste this form in the comment and answer the questions in it, okay?

    What is your Username?:

    How many Edits have you made so far?

    How many days/months have you been contributing to this Wiki?:

    On a scale of 1-10 how Active are you?:  (one being never active and ten being every single day)

    When was your last Contribution?

    What number Rank are you on this wiki?

    Do you already have any Staff Rights?

    Do you promise to not overuse your Power?

    • You must have at least 150+ Edits!
    • Do not get sad if you don't get the Rights, you can try again later!
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  • Scorpion the Savage SandWing

    I have made a Category called "Candidates for speedy deletion." It is very similar to the "Candidates for deletion" Cetegory. If you feel an Article needs to be deleted, add this Category to it. BUTTTT, it is deleted even quicker than normal. Articles in this Category are first priority to delete.

    • Remember, only Admins/Bureaucrats can actually delete Articles.
    • If an Article has been on the "Candidates for deletion" Category for at least 2 week, then please add it for Speedy Deletion.
    • If an Article has been on the "Article Stub" Category for at least 5 weeks, then please add it for Speedy Deletion.
    • If an Article has been Categorized for Speedy Deletion for at least 1 week please notify Staff.
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  • Scorpion the Savage SandWing

    Help Me Make Our Wiki Better!


    • Delete any Categories that don't fit into the Article it's on.
    • Add Article Stub to anything that seems unfinished, useless, needs fixing, or could use deletion.
    • When an Article has been an Article Stub for a while or could use deletion, add the Category Candidates for deletion.
    • If an Article has been a Candidate for deletion for a while or needs to be deleted quickly, add Candidates for speedy deletion.
    • "Item" and "Things" should not be Categories, that's what the Category Items is for.


    Article Editing

    • Always edit Articles that seem "Unfinished" or  "Stub Worthy."
    • Tr…

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