Help Me Make Our Wiki Better!


  • Delete any Categories that don't fit into the Article it's on.
  • Add Article Stub to anything that seems unfinished, useless, needs fixing, or could use deletion.
  • When an Article has been an Article Stub for a while or could use deletion, add the Category Candidates for deletion.
  • If an Article has been a Candidate for deletion for a while or needs to be deleted quickly, add Candidates for speedy deletion.
  • "Item" and "Things" should not be Categories, that's what the Category Items is for.


Article Editing

  • Always edit Articles that seem "Unfinished" or  "Stub Worthy."
  • Try to add a picture to every Article you can.
  • Pet Articles should look like this, not this.

Staff Problem(s)

  • We need a Content Moderator, and a Chat Moderator.
  • Please apply at my other Blog for these Rights.

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