Totally Cookie

aka SylvieSylveon.

  • I live in a magical world with a different language, and my name was "Totally Cookie" there. But in my english name, it is "SylvieSylveon".
  • My occupation is to make new friends.
  • I am not going to be retiring!
  • Totally Cookie

    Hi guys! Because of the new update, we just need to click on ourselves in prodigy and just change our style, what is the point of "the stylist's Shoppe"? We can do that ourselves!

                  Who needs this: 

                                                                            When you got this:




    Anyway, thank you for reading! If you agree or just want to comment, please do in the comment section! :)


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  • Totally Cookie

    A week ago, I found out, we look like.... different...

    Explain in comment section how we look. Why did it change?

    Anyway, thanks for reading!

    - Totally Cookie


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  • Totally Cookie

    Hi, it's Totally Cookie, and I want to just tell you why I am on this wiki.

    I came here because I played Prodigy (Obvi) but, I don't really play it anymore. But I am still interested in the info on this wiki! I still like Prodigy, but I don't want to play Prodigy. Do you get it? Tell me below in the coment section if you get it. I'll try to answer. Okay?

                                                                                             Thank you for reading!

                                                  -Totally Cookie

    (Update) I play the game now. Yeah! And, if anyone wants to meet me in Prodigy, talk to me in my Message Wall!

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  • Totally Cookie

    Hey! Once I made a account on Prodigy, and I selected 1st grade. (I'm not in first grade) I played it for a while and soon, they gave me 6th grade questions! I decided to make another account. And here I am! Level 10! (On July 1st) Has that ever happened to you? Please write in the comments below. Thank you for reading! 

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