Vinequeen is an Earth pet in Prodigy. It learns Earth and Water spells.


Vinequeen resembles a green forest nymph with pointy ears. It has large brown eyes, olive green skin, and savanna green hair. It carries a long, leaf-imbued staff. They wear a tiara of gold, along with a sleeveless, tattered green dress.

In-Game Description

"As they cannot move fast, Vinequeens rely on their wits to convince others to do their bidding."


Saplette → Arboreal → Vinequeen

Vinequeen evolves from Arboreal at level 36 and does not evolve into anything. Arboreal from Saplette at level 16.

Strengths And Weaknesses

This pet is weak to: 

  • Fire element pets (never bring to Bonfire Spire)

This pet is strong to: 

  • Water element pets (bring to Shipwreck Shore for training)


Spell Level Unlocked
Mudball 1
Water Bomb 6
Leaf Wind 12
Water Bubble 23
Earthsprite 36
Angel's Fountain 55


There is a world, Earthrone, that is named after Vinequeen.


  • Based off of dryads and nymphs.
  • Holds an actual staff in hand. It looks like the staff named Vita.
  • Its name could have been referred to 'Vine' and 'Queen'.