Vinequeen resembles a green forest nymph with pointy ears. It has large brown eyes, olive green skin, and savanna green hair. It carries a long, leaf-imbued staff. They wear a tiara of gold, along with a sleeveless, tattered green dress.

In-Game Description

"As they cannot move fast, Vinequeens rely on their wits to convince others to do their bidding."

Strengths And Weaknesses

This pet is weak to: 

  • Fire element pets ( never bring to Bonfire Spire)

This pet is strong against:

  • Water element pets ( bring to Shipwreck Shore for training)


Saplette ---> Level 16 ---> Arboreal ---> Level 36 ---> Vinequeen


Spell Level Learned


There is a world, Earthrone, that is named after Vinequeen.


  • Based off of female versions dryads and nymphs, but only those of the oak tree in relation.
  • Holds an actual staff in hand. It looks like the staff named Vita.
  • Its name could have been referred to 'Vine' and 'Queen'. Vines are plant-based tendrils that climb and hang from other plants, sometimes to gain nutrients of strangle others. They may provide fruit like mangoes or tomatoes. They may also be poisonous to the touch. Queens are a high-status royal ranking above baronesses, viscountesses, countesses, duchesses, grand duchesses, archduchesses, ladies, but under goddesses and empresses.