In-Game Description

As they cannot move fast, Vinequeens rely on their wits to convince others to do their bidding.


A mostly green forest nymph/dryad with pointy ears. They have large oakbark brown pupils and white sclarae. Their skin is of a mint-olive green, and they have a long power-leaf-imbued staff. The wear a tiara of gold and an emerald center-gem. They wear a sleeveless, tattered green dress, and a crest of neat green hair. They sit on an earth-throne.

Strengths And Weaknesses

This pet is strong to:

This pet is weak to:

Evolution Chain

Saplette --- Level 16 ---> Arboreal --- Level 36 ---> Vinequeen


  • Based off of dryads and nymphs.
  • Holds an actual staff in hand.
  • Inspiration for the Server "Earthrone".

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