Basic Information


his new design. ( just macha )

Wandering Wares is a shop that you could find in all areas. Some are in the main areas while others are in other, harder to find places. It used to be a blue guy with a floating donkey. He does not accept regular coins, he looking for old copper coins which you could find in battles. His name is Macha, and the pet donkey on the old design was called Coco.


( note that all items cost 5 old copper coins )

Macha and Coco2

Arctursus Hood


the old design ( macha and coco )

Artctursus Power Rod

Florafox Bonnet

Florafox Wand

Big Hex Helmet

Big Hex Conductor

Diveodile Toque

Diveodile Sea Staff

Magmischief Helmet

Magmischief Fire Rod

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