The Gems are essential items to reach the Academy with. At the beginning of the game, the Puppet Master uses a shadow blast to send the gems to different parts of the island. Each gem can be obtained from completing all quests in a certain location.

A new gem will be not be released. It is confirmed that a sixth gem cannot and will not exist.

List of Gems

Bonfire Gem

The Bonfire Gem is given to you by Slurpy of Bonfire Spire.

Firefly Gem

The Firefly Gem is given to you by Flora from Firefly Forest.

Shipwreck Gem

The Shipwreck Gem is given to you by Eve from Shipwreck Shore.

Shiverchill Gem

The Shiverchill Gem is given to you by Bok from Shiverchill Mountains.

Skywatch Gem

The Skywatch Gem is given to you by Benni and Broccolina from Skywatch.



  • You will not be able to see the Warden Keystone pedestals after exiting the room that contains them until you can access all three great halls in the Academy.
  • All gems are named after the first word of the location you can earn them from.