The water symbol.

is the main element in Shipwreck Shore. There, you can learn water spells.

Weaknesses and Strengths

These pets are weak to:

These pets are strong to:

Water pets are weak to 2 types, Earth and Storm, thus making it the weakest type in the game.


When you arrive in Shipwreck Shore you will meet Captain Eve. If you click on her, your water quests begin, making you:

  • collect a sample of the black ink
  • retrieve the Sonic Blaster
  • use the Sonic Blaster to clear out the ink


Here are all the water spells in the game, ordered from weakest to strongest:


Here is a list of all the water pets in the game, organized alphabetically:

Pet Life Power Growth
Aquariot B+ B B+
Aquaster B C B
Aureate A- B D
Beneel A- B B-
Celesteate B+ B C
Creela B B B
Crookfang B B C-
Diveodile A+ A A
Fathom A B C+
Fishbol B- B A-
Flikflit C- C C+
Funkeel B+ B B
Gnawdy B- B B
Mimic B+ B B-
River Caller B B A-
River Creator B+ B B+
River Neek B- B A
Squabble B B B+
Squarrel B+ B B-
Squibble B- B A-
Stampeed B+ B B-
Trampel B B B-

Here is a list of pets that can learn water spells, but are not water type (organized alphabetically):

Pet Type Life Power Growth
Arboreal Earth B C B
Arcticlaw Ice B A C-
Claustro Earth A+ C- B-
Dreamlet Earth B- B C+
Frostfang Ice B A C-
Keeper Ice A B C
Pokkit Earth A C B-
Prodraxis Storm C+ B A-
Saplette Earth B- C B+
Serrazag Ice C+ C C-
Solarasis Storm A- B D
Tarragon Fire A- B D
Tinyger Fire B- C B+
Tyscout Fire B- C B+
Vinequeen Earth B B C

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