Ziang is the third last Coliseum wizard. Notably, he has a pet Shade (the earth element version of Cloaker), along with Arbite (storm), and Spectral (more powerful version of Shade). He is known as the Emerald Knight". One night Ziang disappeared into the mountains alone. For days, students could hear the sounds of battle, and a green glow filled the sky. He returned wearing a mysterious emerald armor, which he claims he took from a dragon named Carcus the Terrible. You will know that his name is that because if you have his robe (Dragon Scales) in your backpack, its description says that the robe is created from the scales of Carcus the Terrible. His robe's heart bonus is 1.5 heart bonus. His hat (the Dragon Helm) has a 1.5 heart bonus as well. Its description: Legend says that those who wear it hear dragon songs. Often its wearers can be heard singing to themselves. He & his pets are level 90 and when you defeat him you get 500 coins.

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